Who we are

Our mission at OLUX is to create beautiful handmade
ankle foot brace products that serve women with foot drop to help them walk confidently and feel beautiful at the same time. 

We at OLUX believe that ALL Women have the right to feel great and beautiful about themselves!

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Our Values

What we stand for

A fundamental tenet of our business is respect;
respect for the communities in which we operate, a team of people that support
our growth, and the environment that fuels everything we do. 

We hope to continue to foster an open dialogue, and we invite you to share your thoughts by writing to office@oluxbrand.com

  • Social

    We recognize that business and society are inextricably linked. We seek to use our capital, our platform, our community and our business to support social and economic justice for communities living with disabilities.

  • Environmental

    Our main goal is to produce as locally as possible (our products are 100% made in Austria) in small quantities. We work with sustainable fabrics, but we also buy remnant fabrics (“deadstock”), which would otherwise go to landfill.

  • Supply Chain

    We aim to produce exceptional products that balance quality and price, with a focus on longevity, function and beauty. We closely monitor our supply chain to ensure that the health and safety of our artisans is a top priority.

The founder

Hi I am Barbara, due to my FSHD, I am living with foot drop. As a fashion designer, having worked in the industry for several years I just had to come up with OLUX!

First when my foot drop symptoms started, I really felt that the biggest loss, which came with losing my
muscles that support my feet, were the pretty shoes that I just wasn’t able to wear anymore. I love dressing up, so losing one tool to express myself and getting a big, black, bulky orthosis instead, was a horrifying feeling. Being able to just walk properly with an ankle-foot orthosis,
was just not enough for me.

So, I came up with my own solution which helped me to walk carefree and feel beautiful every day.

The AURELIA Brace!

To me this brace really changed my life because it makes me feel beautiful and gave me the joy of dressing up back!

My dream is that no women with foot drop has to worry about her look anymore and can feel confident with the device she’s wearing!

I am living in Austria with my husband Andreas and my little son Vinzent.


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